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Pinnacle College Ghana (established by Stephen Ogum in June 2015 in the heart of New Achimota)

is a private Tertiary Institution which provides relevant academic and professional Training in the areas of Language Proficiency, business administration, ICT and management.

It is an Institution with equal access for male and female environment. Currently the college operates three(3) departments: English Language Literacy, ICT and Business Administration. Nationals from neighboring African Countries such as Congo, Benin, Togo, Equatorial Guinea, Cote D’voire, Burkina Faso, Nigeria and Guinea form part of the student population.
Pinnacle College Ghana (créé par Stephen Ogum en juin 2015 au cœur du nouvel Achimota)
est une institution tertiaire privée qui dispense une formation académique et professionnelle pertinente dans les domaines des compétences linguistiques, de la gestion d'entreprise, des TIC et de la gestion.

C'est une institution avec un accès égal pour les hommes et les femmes. Actuellement, le collège gère trois (3) départements: alphabétisation anglaise, TIC et administration des affaires. Les ressortissants de pays africains voisins tels que le Congo, le Bénin, le Togo, la Guinée équatoriale, la Côte d'Ivoire, le Burkina Faso, le Nigéria et la Guinée font partie de la population étudiante.
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Pinnacle College
TEL: (233) 0244 233 745
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Pinnacle College, a tertiary institution, emphasizes academic and use modern state art academic facility to train and equip visionaries and leaders who would positively impact their generation.

To be a leading Centre of Excellence in Training and Equipping Visionaries and Leaders to have positive impact on their generation.

Pinnacle College seeks to pass on an appetite for quality and honesty in Service. 1. Quality- The commitment to attain higher standards and expectations. 2.Honesty- A life that matches convictions with actions. Honesty encompasses uprightness, authenticity and trust worthiness 3. Service -The willingness to serve humanity in a selfless manner.

Pinnacle College est , un établissement d'enseignement supérieur qui met l'accent sur les études en utilisant des installations académiques modernes pour former et équiper des visionnaires et des leaders qui auront un impact positif sur leur génération.
Être un centre d'excellence en formation équipant de visionnaires et de leaders pour avoir un impact positif sur leur génération.
Pinnacle College cherche à transmettre le désire d' un service d’honnêteté et de qualité.
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OBP Program

Postgraduate Qualifications

Our curricula have been designed to meet the needs of current business challenges. Whether you are employed or looking for work, our qualifications allow you to get ahead of the competition. Our curriculum is designed by the senior academic professional associated with many British Universities who use their skills and expertise required to succeed in such a competitive market. Currently we offer Postgraduate courses in Business and IT including

    International Business
    Accounting and Finance
    Human Resources Management
    Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management
    Project Management
    Information Communication Technology

Undergraduate Qualifications

Currently we are offering level 3-6 Diplomas in below subjects.

Please contact our affiliated centres for more programmes and details.

    International Business
    Accounting and Finance
    Human Resources Management
    Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management
    Project Management
    Information Communication Technology
    Banking and Finance
    Business Administration

Short Certifications

OBPUK short certifications offers a wide range of choice to our students across different subjects. Few of our short certifications can be found below.

    Digital Marketing
    Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation
    Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    Strategic Change Management
    Marketing Management
    Microsoft Office
    Effective Customer Service
    Cyber Security
    Fashion Designing
    Time Management
    IT Desktop Support
    Microsoft Exchange
TEL: (233) 0244 233 745
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